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  • Are the lessons girls only?
    The lessons can be enjoyed by all ages and genders. The reason it is called, Surfer Girl Academy is because the owner is a Surfer Girl and she originally wanted to create a place for girls to feel comfortable in joining something alone.
  • Can the instructors speak Japanese?
    Yes. There is always an instructor who can speak Japanese.
  • Can I join even if I cannot swim?
    Yes. Please request for a life jacket at the time of reservation. If you are especially worried, we also have private lessons you can reserve for.
  • Will I get sea-sick?
    Not all the time, but there are times that some people do get sea-sick. If you tend to get motion sickness, it is recommended for you to take some medicine prior to boarding the ship.
  • I have no experience, but is it ok?
    Absolutely. Towards the shore, it is very shallow. You will be able to stand with no problem. You may also request for a life jacket beforehand.
  • Can I join by myself?
    Absolutely! There are many people who join alone. We will make group lessons so please feel assured and join!
  • What should I bring?
    Wear a swimming suit, and please bring a towel. Don’t forget your sunblock lotion and please remember to put lots of it on the bottom of your feet! Rash guards, wetsuits, reef shoes, surfboards, leash cords will all be provided for use.
  • Is there a photographer?
    Yes, but we do not guarantee a 100% photographer, so please let us know in advance if you definitely want one. We take photos and videos for $45 per person. You can see it immediately after the lesson is over, and if you purchase it, it will be sent by Air Drop on the spot. Alternatively, we will send you a compressed file by email on the same day. The photos are stored for 2 weeks, so if you accidentally delete them, I will resend them by email. We accept payment by cash, card, and Apple pay.
  • What if it rains?
    Surfing will not be cancelled even if it rains. There will be cancellations only when there is a hurricane, or strong winds that may be dangerous. If this occurs, we will refund you the full amount.
  • Is the water cold?
    We provide wetsuits free of charge. Even those who are concerned about the water temperature can enjoy surfing without worrying.
  • What should we do with our valuables?
    I’m sorry. Since it is at the beach, there are no lockers. Everything will be left in the car so please do not bring any valuables.
  • Do you have free parking?
    Yes, all parking on the beach where we meet is free.
  • Can I take a shower after the lesson?
    There are showers on the beach, and changing rooms and restrooms are located at the back of the parking lot.
  • I have been surfing for years, but I want to get better. Would this be possible?
    Yes! We have many skilled instructors, so it would be a great opportunity to up your skills. From the day you join our class, you will love surfing even more!
  • Is surfing fun?
    All of us will make sure you have fun!!
  • Q, Where should I make a reservation?
    Please make a reservation from the website or by phone((808) 469-2001). We may not be able to answer the phone during lessons. If you have any questions, please contact us via mobile text message. We can respond in English or Japanese.
  • What shall I do in case I need to make a cancellation?
    Cancellation policy: 100% cancellation fee will be charged if 48 hours have passed since the reservation date. Please let us know in advance if you want to cancel. Please let us know as soon as possible if you would like to reschedule.
  • Can we borrow wetsuits? And is there a charge?
    We will rent out free of charge.
  • Are there kids’ wetsuits?
    Yes they are available.
  • Are there surf shorts available to rent?
    We only have board shorts available for women who can wear them over their swimming suits. We also have surf leggings available for those who don’t want a shorts tan.
  • What are the lesson times?
    There are lessons at 8:00, 10:00 and 12:00. Lessons at 14:00 are only available for private lessons and pair lessons during the summer season from June 1st to September 18th.
  • Is there an age restriction?
    No. Men and women of all ages can join.
  • Where is the meet up location?
    We will meet at the small beach next to the yacht harbor in front of the lagoon of the Hilton Hotel. Please refer to the map for details Click here for the meeting place!
  • Do you have a shop?
    Office only, no shop.
  • What time should I be at the meeting point?
    Please be ready at the meeting point 5 minutes prior to the lesson time. Please note that if you are more than 20 minutes late from the lesson start time due to traffic jams or other unavoidable circumstances, you will not be able to participate as the instructor and other students will finish the lesson on land and go into the sea.
  • Where are the lessons held at?
    Surfer Girl Academy offers lessons on the beach where surfers gather so that everyone can enjoy authentic surfing. Unlike beaches where tourists gather, there are few people and you can enjoy surfing safely and spaciously.
  • How old do you need to be to join the group lessons?
    13 and older.
  • What is a group lesson?
    For our group lessons, we will form a group with those who will participate on the day.We will enjoy the lessons together. One instructor for up to 4 people, and 2 instructors for more than 5 people.
  • Are pair lessons for 2 people?
    Friends and family can join for up to 3 people. The minimum age is 13 years old.
  • Please explain the difference of a group lesson and private lesson.
    If you are not good at swimming, or if you want to have the lesson at your own pace, we recommend the private lessons. You will be one-on-one with the instructor. You will be able to go on more waves and receive more advice compared to the group lessons.
  • Can just kids join the lesson?
    Yes, even children can be accommodated by themselves! Please be sure to sign the pledge when you come to the meeting place.
  • What is the age limit for the Keiki lesson?
    The youngest was 3 years old. From small children to 12 years old.
  • How will Keiki Lessons (children) proceed?
    This class is for children under the age of 12 only. Children who are nervous about surfing for the first time, children who are afraid of water, go out to the sea slowly while looking for crabs with the instructor, start with small waves according to the child, hold hands and stand on the board Tandem surfing enjoy together. Children who can participate energetically on their own will enjoy surfing safely with an instructor on their side one-on-one. Please rest assured that you can decide which one depending on how your child is on the day.
  • I want to surf with my child. Which plan do you recommend?
    If your child is 13 years or older, we recommend the pair lesson to enjoy it together. If your child is 12 years old or younger, we recommend the Keiki private lesson for safety. When your child is taking the Keiki private lesson, the parents or the adults can sign up for the pair lesson, and the whole family can enjoy the time together in the same area. Or the parents or adults can join the Group lesson and watch the kids enjoy surfing while enjoying the surfing themselves.
  • Can we request the surfboard size?
    If you make a request in advance, we can provide it for you.
  • Do you have early morning or sunset surfing classes?
    Upon request, with an extra fee, we offer early morning and sunset private lessons or pair lessons. Please ask us for further information.
  • Can I pay with credit card?
    We take all major credit cards.
  • Do I need cash?
    We have under-the-water pictures available for $45 person. If you also plan to pay for your lesson in class, please bring cash.
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