APEC is coming….good news or bad?

The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation is coming to Hawaii!  This group of 21 world leaders and their families will be in Waikiki for a one-week convention, November 7-13.  Their mission is to break down trade barriers across the Asia-Pacific region and facilitate business interactions between member nations. President Obama is hosting the week of meetings and related events.  Security is a huge issure so there are extensive street closures and ocean restrictions posted by the secret service, who have reportedly been casing the island of Oahu since August.  The affects will be felt in Waikiki and Ko’Olina.  Does this spell trouble for many local businesses who had hoped that there might be a boost from this convention?  Will employees even be able to get to work in the Waikiki area?

Click here for the full list of ocean restrictions:



Here are some parking and road restrictions:


Apparently everywhere that APEC goes there are also slews of protesters.  Groups who oppose APEC say that they perceive its agenda as to promote corporate and military interests at the expense of local economies, homeless people, labor,  and the environment.

It will be interesting to see how it all unfolds.



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