Surfer Girl Academy is committed to providing the highest quality surf lessons and tours on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. We welcome surfers of all ages, both male & female. You can choose from surfing, body boarding, or just a tour around the beautiful island. Both private surf lessons and group surf lessons are available for beginners and advanced surfers. Whichever activity you choose, our instructors take pride in providing you with the ultimate adventure and first-class hospitality. Come join our professional and courteous staff to experience the thrill of surfing and feel the Aloha!

Let our local staff take you around Oahu to secret surf & sight-seeing spots, local restaurants, and much more! Experience Hawaiian Aloha with a surf tour tailored to your requests and needs. For those looking to surf waves away from the competitive and crowded breaks of Waikiki. Experience surfing under the legendary Diamond Head Crater or explore the west end of the island for a secluded surf break. Recommended for surfers of a different stripe who wish to venture out.Spend a half or full day surfing, touring, snorkeling, taking pictures and relaxing while we take care of the rest. Experience the island not found in guide books and create memories for a lifetime!

All Surf Tours include …
rental surf boards, rental Hurley surfing apparel & leashes and rental Reef shoes, Waikiki Hotel to Beach transportation, legendary Hawaiian waves, beaches, sun and a lifeguard-certified local guide to cater to your group!

A special experience with surf professional Shuji Kasuya. Experience lessons by a true professional competitive surfer at one of our surf location or ride along with Shuji to visit some of his go-to surf breaks on the island of Oahu. This is a special, one-of-a-kind experience! Lesson's with Shuji are done with limited members so you can speak with and learn from him in an comfortable environment and get the most out of your time with him!

Surfer Girl Academy surf school - Group Lesson


Our most popular plan where you can experience surfing for a reasonable price. Come with your family and friends or come alone and make new friends!

*an instructor will be added when the number of students increases to more than 4

4 Students / 1 Instructor* | 2 Hours | Ages 12-65


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Surfer Girl Academy surf school - Exclusive Lesson


Perfect plan for couples, siblings, friends or single child families, this plan offers the group/pair their own instructor in perfect setting to learn at your own pace and make memories together!

* Semi-private lessons for 2-3 people only
* Keiki private lesson is for children 7 years old or younger, senior private lesson for those 65 years old or older

2-3 Students / 1 Instructor | 2 Hours | Ages 8-65


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Surfer Girl Academy surf school - Private Lesson


Perfect plan for the individuals that want to get the most out of their time. This plan offers a personal instructor where they can learn faster and ride more waves!

1 Student / 1 Instructor | 2 Hours | Ages 12 - 65


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Surfer Girl Academy surf school - Keiki Lesson


Perfect plan to let your kids surf safely. This plan offers a personal instructor for the child which will ensure safety while having fun! Children can ride their own board or tandem (two people on one board) with the instructor! Children's life jacket are available to ensure safety!

1 Student / 1 Instructor | 2 Hours | Ages up to 7 years old


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Surfer Girl Academy surf school - Senior Lesson


This is the perfect course for seniors that want to enjoy surfing at their own pace. The student is paired up with their own instructor and can learn and enjoy safely, without distraction or rush!

1 Student / 1 Instructor | 2 Hours | Ages 66+


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Surfer Girl Academy surf school - Half Day Tour


Perfect plan for students who want to surf longer than regular surf lessons, improve their surf skills and get the most out of their day! Surf the entire morning or afternoon and still have time to enjoy half of the day doing other activities! If time allows, our instructors can take you to an "ono" lunch after a morning surf session as well!

*non surfing students may also participate in the tour

Minimum 1 Student* | 4 Hours | All ages


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Surfer Girl Academy surf school - Full Day Tour


Let our instructors guide you to the famous and not so famous local surf breaks. Based upon the conditions of the day, the instructor will hand pick 2 breaks for the surf experience and give the student a local surf tour of the legendary spots on the North and South shore of Oahu. Special requests for the day can also be made.

*non surfing students may also participate in the tour

Minimum 1 Student* | 7 Hours | All ages


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Professional underwater photographer ($35 per person)

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Extra Rider from Waikiki (bring chair and umbrella) - $15.00/person

Extra Rider from Kahala (bring chair and umbrella) - $20.00/person

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Discount tour ticket

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